Nanraumali Agayun (“Praise the Lord”) words and music by Jimmy Andrew

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Jehovah Jireh
(an interpretation of Habakkuk 3:17-18)
Even when no caribou thunder from the passes
and salmon fail to swarm upstream,
when blueberries shrivel on their stems
and fireweed withholds its rich, pink bloom,
though bears prowl hungry over barren tundra
and moose stand sorrowful, necks bent to the ground,
still I will praise the Lord my Provider
who keeps me full in times of famine
and gives me strength to face the future
even in the hardest of times.
-Tonja Woelber, Anchorage

Currently Merge is serving ministries within the Alaska Road System. These are churches that can be reached by driving and not taking an additional flight into what we call “bush” Alaska. We are also serving Covenant Bible Camp, in Unalakleet, Alaska. We are hopeful that we will be able to offer more trips to the more remote villages in the future.
Our Churches

Road System Churches

(churches that can be reached by Alaska’s road system)

Chugach Covenant Church, Anchorage

Community Covenant Church, Eagle River

Community Covenant Church, Fairbanks

First Covenant Church, Anchorage

Mat-su Covenant Church, Wasilla

New Song Covenant Church, Anchorage

The River Covenant Church, Soldotna/Kenai

Norton Sound Area Churches

(churches that can only be reached by plane from a major city)

Covenant Bible Camp, Unalakleet

Elim Covenant Church, Elim

Golovin Covenant Church, Golovin

Koyuk Covenant Church, Koyuk

Nome Covenant Church, Nome

Shaktoolik Covenant Church, Shaktoolik

Unalakleet Covenant Church, Unalakleet

White Mountain Covenant Church, White Mountain

Yukon Delta Area Churches

(churches that can only be reached by plane from a major city)

Bethel Covenant Church, Bethel

Hooper Bay Covenant Church, Hooper Bay

Kalskag Covenant Church, Kalskag

Mekoryuk Covenant Church, Mekoryuk

Mountain Village Covenant Church, Mountain Village

Scammon Bay Covenant Church, Scammon Bay

Nanraumali Agayun, Interpretation: Praise the Lord
Chorus: Chorus:
Nanraumali Agayun (x4) Praise the Lord (x4)
Verse: Verse:
Ellii kiimi nanrarnarquq He’s the only one we should praise
Allamek nanrarngaitukut We won’t worship anything else
(x2) (x2)

“Nanraumali Agayun” used with permission by Alaska Christian College